Module 11: SEOs

In launching my website, I definitely would love to incorporate the use of SEOs. Mostly because I believe that a high level of clicks will lead to a heavier traffic flow to my website. This, in turn, could result in more business for me.

One of the main downfalls of using an SEO is the specificity level that is involved. For instance, most of my work has been for music groups and solo artists, so I would want my SEO to send people looking for PR related to music to be sent to my site. Obviously, there will be a lot of other musical nonsense to get through that might bury my website on the 9th page. Therefore, it’s a huge disadvantage.

To be honest, even after reviewing all of my sources, I am still a little unsure as to how SEOs actually work, however, I do understand the that they are a necessary asset to get your website the amount of attention that you want it to.

stay true,



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