Module 8: Online Learning

This week we are discussing online learning! Now, we all know that there are two types of people in this world: those who LOVE online classes (mostly due to convenience) and those who LOATHE them. Now, I fall into the latter category, simply because I appreciate the face to face interaction and the traditional classroom setting. It’s where I am comfortable, and from what I have gathered, where I flourish the most as a student. However there are some instances where these online classes are completely unavoidable and you have to turn to the screen of a computer for some guidance, but I am here to tell you that that is completely okay.

In my CA 260 class we were asked to look at some online resources that could help us out in our blended course which simply means there is work to be done in the classroom and on the computer. Of the resources we were given, I was really drawn to Google Code University, Treehouse, and The reason being is that all of these sites are extremely personal. It’s more than just FAQ and long lengthy paragraphs. The sites see real people explaining and walking you through real problems with coding. I found this very reassuring, and I now have a few helpful tools to get me through the remainder of the semester.

stay true,



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