What’s Cooking? Pt.2

Time for another #WhatsCooking! This week has been one of my more difficult weeks during my journey, and while I did fall short a few times, I always made sure I was listening to my body and didn’t under- or overdo anything.

At one point during the middle of the week, I got myself together and went grocery shopping and on my trip I found a fantastic little gem: pomegranate seeds! Now, I know you don’t necessarily cook these, BUT they have just been such a little blessing in the kitchen this week.

Aside from being low in calories and fat, the little seeds inside of pomegranates are excellent sources of fiber; vitamins K, C, and B6; as wells as phosphorus and folate. They are also jam-packed with tons of phytochemical which I like to remember as little chemicals that FIGHT off (pun intended) really gross diseases such as cancer and heart disease.

These little ruby red pods of deliciousness go wonderfully in a fresh salad or on top of greek yogurt, but the most interesting use I have found for them is in my oatmeal! I’ve become a bit of an oatmeal fanatic during this process, but I’ve been in search for something to provide my bowl with a perfect balance of sweetness and tartness, and I think I’ve finally found it!

Honestly my mouth is watering just writing about them, so I think I’m going to go grab a handful of pomegranate seeds before I head out to my next class!

stay true



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