What’s Cooking? Pt. 1

Since deciding to take on this lifestyle change I’ve found myself in the kitchen now more than ever, and I have found that I really have a knack for this cooking thing. As a result, I have developed a particular proclivity for testing out healthy, unfamiliar ingredients. This week I messed around with the popular grain QUINOA. Pronounced keen-wha, this grain is super rich in fiber and is often used as rice alternative.

Naturally, this grain is gluten free, so I personally think that it is an amazing and essential ingredient for anyone who has an intolerance of the sort. Much like rice, quinoa is going to take on the flavor of whatever you cook it in. I have found it is delicious, simmered in chicken broth (or in veggie broth for the vegans/vegetarians out there). And did I mention that is is ready in nearly half the time as rice!?

One thing to be weary about with quinoa, though, are the saponins. You can think of these as little soldiers that bind together on the surface of each individual quinoa pod to protect the grain from diseases and bacteria brought on by fungi. These saponins have an extremely bitter, unpleasant taste to them, and for this reason it is essential that you wash every batch of quinoa prior to cooking!

I hope you all enjoyed this little post about one of my favorite discoveries yet! Tune in next week at the same time to see #WhatsCooking!

stay true



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