You’ve Got Mail

This week’s focus on email introduced several new things to me. The first thing was the filter feature that many email servers allow you to apply to your inboxes so that emails containing certain subject lines are flagged especially for your attention. I tried this process using Gmail because that is what our school email operates on and it was actually super simple contrary to my unfamiliarity with it. I filtered everything containing CA 260, and then I had my friends send me something with that subject line and sure enough it worked! I found this feature extremely fascinating.

The second and final thing I learned was what a truly professional email is SUPPOSED to look like. All of this time, I’ve been thinking that I have been so professional in addressing superiors, but it turns out I was wrong. Below is an example of the correct way to write a professionally formatted email:

Hello Mr. Davis,

My name is Christopher Phengsisomboun, and I am in your CA 260 class on Mondays and Wednesdays.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this course, and I am excited for what the remainder of the semester entails.

I was just writing to inform you of my having to leave class early on this coming Wednesday, 8 March 2017, as it was something I thought you should know.

It would be really helpful if, upon my return, I could catch up on any work that I missed.

Thank you for your time,

Christopher Phengsisomboun


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