Website Accessibility

Thus far, in designing my website, anything and everything that I have done has been based on whether or not someone else will find it cute, whether or not it is representative of me and whether or not it fulfills its purpose; and while, yes, these aspects are important, I completely neglected the idea of accessibility.

I forgot to ask myself if I had gone through the necessary measures to see to it that my website was accessible to everyone. For instance, one article that I read brought up the importance of designing a website with a color scheme that was “color blind friendly”. And to be honest, this particular sect/demographic was one that I completely forgot to acknowledge. Also, even though, my website design is simple and minimal, I didn’t take into account epileptic visitors. What if I were to have shared something with overwhelming flashing or something of that nature without heeding any warning?

All in all this particular module made me sit back and look at a lot of things differently, and because of the way my mind works, I’ll probably redesign everything I’ve done so far. But I promise that the final product will be nice and accessible to all on desktop AND mobile levels!

stay true



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