The following post is extremely personal and graphic, so please proceed with caution.

Anxiety always finds a way to present itself in my mind especially in the form of countless empty beer bottles, broken dishes, and bruises in the shape of handprints. But mama always told me when something starts working on you to close your eyes and countdown from 10.


Ten scars intrude on my body. And hell I don’t remember where half of them came from anymore


Nine times, I’ve come home to a house decorated with disdain and broken furniture.


8 years of conversation sparked solely with the intention of undeserved criticism


Seven amazing tour dates that gave me reason to keep moving forward


For the six people in my life who have ever pretended to genuinely care


Five tubs of water that were intended to call me home, that were drained before they could fulfill their purpose.


Four nights, I’ve come home to bloody floors and a bruised up mother


for the 3 people I was able to fully trust with this information


2 people who mean the most,  but choose comfort over safety.


One little boy who has had enough

stay true,



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