Website Customization

The first step of this module was to sketch a potential website layout design. Now, most of you may be thinking that what I came up with was just a bunch of squares on a page, and, if I’m being honest, I thought it would be just as simple. But NO. When I actually sat down to do it, I couldn’t believe the level of difficulty that came along with making everything look fittingly perfect on a web page.

I am glad however that I had Video Spot’s video to help me out, otherwise, I’d probably be buried under 500 sketches, struggling to swim to the top for air. They really dumb the process down and basically tell you to keep it simple, encouraging you to make your home page a table of contents of sorts  and discouraging the use of super flashy and obnoxious components.

Aside from following those two simple rules, it was also noted that the homepage should consolidate all that you have to offer (i.e. my name is Chris, I am a student, here is my work, contact me here). If a viewer should want to dive a little deeper into the content of my website they could navigate through it seamlessly through the designated pages. An article by Venturi Web highlighting proper navigation set up helped a lot with understanding how, where, and why to put pages in certain places on a website.

After watching the videos and reading the articles, I sat down and thought really hard about how I wanted the public to perceive me and how I could get that onto a webpage. The article that was mentioned prior provided a good tip in saying that your personality should be depicted by your website, and  I couldn’t agree more. So I did just that and began creating a website representative of myself and my work that was simple in concept and design. 

Stay posted for links to my finished site!

stay true,



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