This week has definitely been one that I enjoyed, as I was able to utilize the more creative side of my brain in designing my Weebly website. I really appreciated how mapped out and step-by-step the process was for signing up for and designing my website.

The initial sign-up process was more than easy with the requirements of a name, email address and password. Following that you just have to pick a sub domain that is fitting for you.

After handling all of the important items, you then get to play with the design of your site. For people who are beginners, this process is absolutely perfect. You simply select a theme and then are given the opportunity to play around with the color scheme, layout etc. To do that, all you have to do it click the buttons presented to you on the left side of the screen. When you do that, a preview screen of your website is then highlighted on the right to show you which specific part is being edited. It’s truly genius, and I wish it had been this easy back in the days of MySpace.

In designing my personal website, a chose a theme that was very chic and modern, with a lot of room for pictures because I know that this will grab my visitors’ attention. I doubt that this will change because at this moment it seems so fitting for what I am hoping to accomplish with my website.


I hope to have something beautiful to share with you all very soon!

stay true,



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