Mize in the Making

When I was younger, I always felt kind of different. As I grew older I began to realize that in many ways I was, and so every night before I went to bed I would pray that God would give me a friend that was just like me. Someone who liked the same stuff as me, had the same sense of humor, etc. And boy did He deliver.

One evening my mom took me over to my soon to be step-grandmother’s house and I was greeted by a crooked-toothed, squinty-eyed little girl who greeted me with “Hi, I’m Alisha. Wanna play power rangers?” Reluctant at first, I declined, but as the night went on my mom encouraged me to go and play with the other kids and that changed everything. Immediately, this seemingly odd little girl and I clicked. She was cool with me being the red ranger, and I was cool with letting img_0157-jpgher be the pink ranger. It was a done deal.

It’s hard to think that 17 years later, I spent the weekend attending the bridal shower of that crooked-toothed little girl. Initially, I was resistant to attend mostly because life has been pulling me in 1001 different directions, BUT I talked myself into it. No regrets here.

This night much like our friendship was filled with many laughs and tears, but I definitely think the amount of sangria consumed exceeded the typical girls’ night. But it goes without saying that I wouldn’t have wanted to spend my night tossing ping pong balls into bras and eating copious amounts of cake pops with anyone else.

Alisha and I have had an inseparable bond since the day we met, and I honestly cannot fathom the fact that I am going to be singing her down the isle in a few months. I am so grateful for the friendship that we’ve had, and I am even more proud of the young woman she has become. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the Future Mrs. Mize. 

“I sometimes like to store my happy memories in a sort of mental filing cabinet labeled ‘IN CASE OF EMERGENCY’ just because I know someday, I’ll find myself in between a rock and hard place, and maybe one of those memories will be what helps me get through.”

-Rick Sham

stay true,



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