Introduction to Blogging

It goes without saying that there are several dos and don’ts that act as guides when writing blog posts. Some of these I will take more heavily into account than others due to my personal habits. For instance, I will make sure to always include links when referencing anything in my posts because I’ve recently learned that people may not be well-versed in the topic I am discussing. By providing links to reference the subject matter, it will provide my audience with a better understanding of whatever I am discussing.

And I will also make sure NOT to write long paragraphs. The truth is that we are not currently in a reader-heavy age, therefore, nothing is more unappealing to the average eye than a 26-sentence-long paragraph. In fact, some may even consider that intimidating.

It is important that I always have these dos and don’ts in the back of my head as a sort of guide through life as they will be very important in my career field. I want to work in the advertising department for a major record label, so you can see that making things relatable, original, and appealing to as many people as possible should be in my best interest.

As far as making sure that posts are readable and memorable, it is important to always stay up to date with what is trending and what is relatable. But just as that is so, it is also very important to make sure that you remain progressive, original and genuine. Nothing is more appealing to another human than sincere originality.  

Mark Newson once said:

“But to me, to be original is to be yourself.”

stay true,



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