Hello, everyone!

My name is Christopher Phengsisomboun, and I am currently studying undergrad at the University of South Alabama with a major in Strategic Communications and a minor in Marketing and Advertisement. When I’m not in class you can more than likely find me singing at the top of my lungs in local choirs or interning under the manager of a local performance ensemble.

13575851_1405010486216508_7578349988943197181_oIn my personal opinion, there are many different purposes of a blog, but the one that seems to connect all blogs, is the fact that every blog, good are bad, is intended to provide its visitor with some sort of information revolving around a specific topic. For instance, “Undressed Skeleton,” a blog run by Taralynn McNitt, is the go-to blog for inspiration and information regarding living a happy, healthy lifestyle; it is one that I read daily!

Blogs are of utmost importance in my particular field of study as blogs are expressive and thereby indicative of public opinion. Therefore, whether I am trying to decide how, where, or to whom to market a particular product or whether I am just trying to find inspiration for my daily life, blogs are of the essence.

“Write as much as you need to write to get your point across…”

This blog will be completely recreational and contain posts from my every day life. Accordingly, post lengths may vary from time to time. However, as a college student working two jobs on top of an internship, I will never write more than absolutely necessary!

stay true,



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